Postell Productions continues to encourage and help artists of all backgrounds develop and package their product. Postell has the unique ability to get her artists to express their individual strengths and talents with the belief that everyone has their own voice.

“Diane has a way of helping a singer open up and free that voice within, the voice that was meant to be heard. She helps to bring out the confidence to develop your own style and be yourself."
– Donna Victor – Los Angeles, CA


Back to School Special!

Book/Reserve by September 30, 2016

$300 for 5 (1 hour) private voice lessons - either in studio (Mount Washington, MD) or via Skype

$100 for 4 (30 minute) private piano/guitar lessons - only in studio (Mount Washington, MD)


Diane Postell


 Singer / Songwriter


“Some dreams get lost along the journey of our lives. I met Diane as a lyric teacher and she not only taught me to write songs, but she gently coaxed me back into singing again! I had given up singing a long time before because of performance anxiety. Diane encouraged me to embrace and share my true voice, both in writing and singing. She has a rare gift of seeing the obstacles blocking the inner artist from bursting forth, and in her tailor made way, she helps each student to truly blossom to their fullest potential." 
- Cherie T. – Baltimore, MD


What People Are Saying About Diane


A singer/songwriter that has a jazzy-pop sound with an urban contemporary influence. Songs that any woman could truly appreciate. A mixture of blues, rock, rnb, soul, gospel and jazz.

​​Vocal Coach / Music Educator

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