Student Gallery

"I’m so pleased that Rachael has taken to singing and is really embracing it. She was so expressive in her quiet way with her writing and drawing. Now she is turning up the volume gradually and in a way that connects her with people. She never liked to share her work. But singing is a direct connection. It’s a big step for her. I think she will write music one day. When the singing becomes easier and more natural she will turn to using it as an expression of her own thoughts. Thank you Diane for giving that to her. I feel fortunate that we connected with you." 
- Stephanie G.

"My husband and I are eternally grateful to you for the 3 years of weekly sessions our daughter Victoria (age 14-16) spent with you. Her love for music, both classical and contemporary never found its outlet with other “lessons” or groups. Since you are a professional, you taught her so much about analyzing and critiquing music. She was able to share her own analyses and opinions with you in complicated ways we could not understand...
– Maria Salvato – Baltimore, MD